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A word from Nonna Rosa...
Centre director

Growing up in Sicily, food was such an important and sometimes stressful part of life. We grew up on the basics, and we grew or caught most of what we ate. My father was a fisherman, we lived off the ocean and off the land.

Our food may not have been fancy, but it was ALWAYS fresh, and no matter the limitations on ingredients, it was always cooked with love.

These meals used to be considered 'poor mans foods', the same meals we now pay good money for in restaurants!! I cooked these same meals for my own four children, then my seven Grandchildren, and today, I cook with the same love, for YOUR children.

Wholesome, freshly cooked and Nutritious for our little ones. I use the freshest ingredients to provide meals that reflect a wide range of dietary requirements and more than often, are a whole lot of delicious fun to eat.

I like to grow my own herbs, and my own seasonal vegetables, and I have always ensured we teach the children at Rossi Child Care to do the same in our own gardens.

For me, holding back is the hardest thing, not overfeeding them can be hard!!!

It makes me proud to see your children devouring my meals, nothing like a good solid meal to help them grow and learn.

I've taught my children and grandchildren to cook these same meals, although we now argue over who does it best, it also brings us closer as a family. We love and appreciate the simple things in life, and the kitchen is and always will be, the most engaging, loving and passionate room in the house.

I'm always happy to show you some of my 'secret recipes', you may need them once your child has tried my cooking!

Have a lovely day, I look forward to discussing my favourite subject with you soon...

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