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The Educators and Staff are a qualified, trained and experienced team of patient, caring and loving individuals.


Rossi Child Care Centre's

When we decided to open our first child care centre, we faced the common task of choosing a name for our business, but for us, this was more than just a business. It was the idea of building something for our family, where we would work together doing what we love most, caring for children, creating a space they would feel safe in, a second home.

With this in mind, it only made sense to give our Child Care Centre our name, Rossi, and welcoming you and your children into our family where you can trust they will grow and learn in a clean, safe loving environment.

Welcome to our website, we hope to give you a glimpse into the little world we have created, a world where your child's individuality is celebrated, a place where we are never afraid to learn from you and your children, teaching acceptance and inclusion, creating a better future for your little ones.


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Family owned and operated

At Rossi Child Care Centre we provide learning opportunities that build upon each child's strengths while challenging them to explore their potential.

Children are encouraged to ask questions as they build an understanding of the world, and their place in it, while learning to live and play happily and purposefully with others.

We encourage children to be responsible for their own learning through choices in experiences, interests and routine. We use conversations, actions and play as the basis for teaching which involves the children being partners in teaching by seeking out ideas, opinions, thoughts and questions. We encourage children in promoting their independence and self-help skills by assisting within the routine and involving the children in interest based projects to further enhance their learning and knowledge.

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